GBG Curitiba a Google initiative developed by local volunteers.

GBG or Google Business Group is a Google World initiative that started in 2012 and now has over 150 cities participating.
The GBG develops and supports initiatives in the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in the city.

The GBG Curitiba was one of the first chapters of Brazil founded in 2012 and quickly rose to the World Top Ten thanks to the engagement of the Curitiba public, the tireless work of volunteers and the help of local institutions.
The group works thanks to volunteer work among employees are the co-managers, who design and develop specific projects and at the same time help to develop the projects of other co-managers as well as other activities of the Group. The direction of the group is in charge of Erica Marques and as Manager has made the GBG Curitiba an international reference.
The group’s three pillars are: connect, inform and inspire, organizing and supporting social gatherings, workshops, networking activities, lectures, events and other legal activities open to the public, free majority.

The events take place in different noble spaces of the city and are always non-profit. In some events are charged a fee to cover the costs of the event as speakers of travel, hotel, supplies, materials and other resources.
In the activities you will learn tools, techniques and methods of Google products and web technologies to improve productivity, efficiency and impact targeting overall success of your business.
marketing trends, new business startup development, women’s empowerment are also part of our portfolio.
In our community all are welcome, regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur, student or in love with Google products.

Collaborating and learning from each other helps everyone achieve more.

Connect • Inform • Inspire

GBG is

  • Organized by volunteer professionals interested in sharing;
  • A place to discuss business, innovation, trends and markets;
  • A place to learn about Google’s business platforms;
  • A place to see what local businesses are doing with these technologies;
  • A place for networking;
  • Open to the public;

GBG Is not

  • A company and it is not organized by a company;
  • A place to hear sales pitches;
  • Google support.


Fortnightly meetings with a specific topic.
Debate format where everyone participates and learns from each other.

Let’s Talk!

English Conversation meetings every Friday.
Come practice your English!

Growth Hacking

10 meetings (1 per month) with market professionals to help you to boost your business.

Coworking Day

Innovation, collaboration, lectures, workshops and more during the celebration of Coworking Day.

Reason to be Proud of GBG Curitiba

GBG Curitiba is very proud to be one of the ten most active GBG’s in the world for three consecutive years (2013, 2014 and 2015) years in which GBG Curitiba held more than 30 events with more than 2,800 participants.
This was possible thanks to the work of a large team of volunteers, supported by a network of entrepreneurs, institutions like the European Centre, SEBRAEPR, PUCPR, Positivo University, coworking spaces, other institutions under the direction of Erica Marques and a team of co-managers.

What Are People Saying

GBG Curitiba’s Address

Rua Benjamin Lins, 999 – Centro Europeu Batel

Batel – Curitiba

CEP 80420-100 – Paraná, Brasil